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    New Methods of farming

    Aguarantee for success
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    You always get a bumper harvest

    Green House is the only solution
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    Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

    Always a ready market for your products
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    One plant many fruits

    the scion of results
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    It's Harvest Time

    And You Harvest more than once
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    From the Green House Experts

    You get a full package to get you going
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    Applying simple technology

    that brings you big results



Green House Tunnel 

A great way to expand your small farm to the shoulder seasons.

Wooden Green House  Farmers Kit

A simple and affordable wooden pole green house kit with irrigation system.

Rehabilitation Programs

Undertakes professional rehabilitation program to the non-performing
greenhouses/tunnels@ affordable fee.


Orchard setting services

Undertakes the establishment of new orchards.

Tomato Grafting

Grafted one will have strong roots & commercial productivity.

Laboratory Services

Entails Soil sample & Water analysis Disease & pest analysis

Phfams Afrca Ltd. Green house products:

Results from our professional green house tunnels are enormous!!!